Hello Dear Reader.I hope you will enjoy my website and reading my books NO HOME IN TIME and A Proper Poly

Welcome to the NO HOME IN TIME and A Proper Poly(plus Skjalbrei) website.I am proud to bring to your attention the life and times of my ancestor James Philo of Swaffham Norfolk. On this page is a picture of me Paul Philo on my birthday.

NO HOME IN TIME is set at a time 1850-73 when small capitalism was changing into the big beast that we know today which has been so destructive to the earth and produced great inequality,warfare and misery.James was a small Master craftsman a type of small employer rapidly dieing out with the great changes of the time.He fears for his families future as he also fears for the future of the small town in which he lives.Violence is ever threatening.
The book is also a love story and a murder mystery It is a mystery which makes the reader wonder has a murder been committed and if so how?On p6 you can download the first two pages of the book to give you a flavour of it.
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On P5 you can pay for the book.All proceeds will go to an environmental cause.Upon receipt from Pay Pal of your payment on my e-mails I will send you an E mail with an attachment of a download of the book.Or you can buy the book from Amazon Kindle direct.It is formatted for Kindle and other mobile and static devices and costs 2.12.It is available on www.amazon.com/dp/B0057OFZZO
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