A very short biography of a longish life,with edited escapes.

I was born in South London and spent most of my youth conspiring to get out.But how could I get out from a Nowhere place?
I went to school at Battersea Grammar school which unfortunately was not in Battersea but the depths of Streatham Hill.
My way out was initially as an Officer of Customs and Excise where I cruised the country for a few years harassing purchase tax traders,distillery owners and importers of goods.I then had enough of administering rules which were not my own from an office which also was not mine and wanted to escape from the alienation of the C and E in the UK.This time the escape was further afield.I was seconded to the government of Zambia in 1964 to become an Inspector of the C and E department.This was better as I had more autonomy and some of the work such as enforcing sanctions against Rhodesia fitted rather more with my values.I also loved playing tennis and swimming in what is a great climate.At this time I had two darling daughters Amanda and Deisha. Sadly Deisha died a few years after we got back to England.

I knew I could not continue for the rest of my life in the civil service in Britain so before I returned in 1971 I took three A levels and applied for University.I was accepted at the LSE and became quite a mature undergraduate in October 1971.I quickly became involved in student politics when I became the Senior Treasurer of the Student union and we declared independence from the school.